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Magazines (by article)
Publication Article/Page Author Date/Issue
Blade How to Make The Portable Knife Throwing Target John L. Bailey August, 1998
Blade The World's Greatest Knife Thrower? Bobby Branton September, 1997
Blade Air Knives-Join The Knife Throwing Renaissance
pg 40
Mike Haskew June, 1997
Blade Bullseye!
pg 44
Bobby Branton October, 1996
Blade Airborne Blades-Last of the Professional Knife Throwers?
pg 58
Bobby Branton January, 1996
Blade The Slingin' Southpaw from St. Albans
pg 30
Bobby Branton August, 1993
Blade Artist of the Commons Alan W.McEvoy June, 1993
Blade 1991 Cutlery Hall of Fame Inductee Harry McEvoy Steve Shackleford December, 1991
Blade Flying Edges Steve Dick July/August, 1990
Blade Close To The Edge: A History of Knife Throwing Harry McEvoy November/December, 1988
Blade Throwing Real Knives at Real People Jim Lindgren May/June, 1987
Blade The Fine Points of Knife Throwing Harry McEvoy May/June, 1984
Tactical Knives Flight of the Viper
pg 38
Matthew Rapaport January, 1997
Tactical Knives Thunk! Bob Patrick's Throwing Knives Hit The Mark
pg 60
Michael Janich March, 2000
Tactical Knives On-Target: Throwing Knives
pg 42
Matthew Rapaport May, 1997
Tactical Knives The Man Who Makes Knives Fly
pg 41
Gene Hauenstein Summer, 1996
Tactical Knives Tru-Balance Throwing Knives: They're Still Flying High!
pg 88
Michael Janich November, 1998
Gun World Knife News: Knife Maker of the Month
pg 80
Jack Lewis early 1994, help us here!
Knife World Nothing 'Boaring' About This Hunt
pg 6
Harry McEvoy October, 1977
Knife World Hunting With Throwing Knives
pg 10
Harry McEvoy November 1977
Knife World 'Knife Throwing' Excellent-covers the Collins' book
pg 19
Book review March 1978
Knife World A Stinky Situation
pg 19, 04/93
Harry McEvoy June 1978 also reprinted April 1993 after Harry's death
Knife World It's Fun to Throw Knives, But More So With a Pro!
pg 11
Harry McEvoy November 1978
Knife World Art of Knife Throwing
pg 13
Harry McEvoy June 1982
Knife World Combat Throwing Knives
pg 14
David Steele July 1982
Knife World Meet Mac the Knife [Harry McEvoy]
pg 1
Jean Barber August 1982
Knife World Knife Throwing Made Easy
pg 26
Ben Myers November 1982
Knife World Hunt With a Throwing Knife
pg 7
Harry McEvoy October 1984
Knife World Knife Throwing: Rx For Health
pg 28
Lew Fine March 1997
Knife World Knife and Tomahowk Throwing; Try It You'll Like It! Lew Fine February 1999
Combat Knives The Mystique of Throwing Knives
pg 63
Ernie Franco ?
Combat Knives The Saga of Skeeter Vaughn
Harry McEvoy ?
Combat Knives Thoughts on Throwing Knives Joe Arterburn Summer, 1998
Muzzle Loader Dirks, Daggers, and Bowies... Throwing Knives of Frontier Days Harry McEvoy January, 1974
Muzzle Loader The ABC's of Knife Throwing Harry McEvoy September/October, 1975
Muzzle Loader For Game Hunting Action Try Throwing Knives and Tomahawks Harry McEvoy November/December, 1976
Muzzle Loader How to Develop "Bullseye Precision" with Knife and Tomahawk Harry McEvoy July/August, 1978
Muzzle Loader How to Select a Throwing Knife for Muzzleloading Competition Harry McEvoy March/April, 1979
Muzzle Loader Throw That Bowie and Join the Fun Harry McEvoy May/June, 1984
Muzzle Loader Running a Knife & Tomahawk Range James Henry Burow March/April, 1991
Guns and Ammo:
Guidebook to Knives & Edged Weapons
Peterson Publishing, Los Angeles
Take a Fling at Knife Throwing
pg 158
Harry McEvoy 1974
World of Martial Arts Deadly Flying Blades Harunaka Hoshino July/August, 1996
Aqua Fields presentsGutman Puma Explorer Knife Annual Mastering the Art of Knife Throwing
pg 6
Harry McEvoy 1982
Aqua Fields presents Gutman Puma Explorer Knife Annual The Fine Point Of Knife Throwing
pg 48
Tom A. Russell 19??
American Survival Guide Knife Throwing - Is What You See In The Movies Real - Or a Trick?
pg 24
John L. Bailey August 1987 vol. 9 #8
Mother Earth News Knife Throwing Jim Ballard and MOTHER's Staff May/June 1986
Fighting Knives Throwing for Combat Michael Janich January, 1996
American Survival Guide Knife Throwing John L. Bailey August 1987
????? Knife Throwing Then Praying Mat P. Marinas Sr. 19??
Newspapers, other pubs, etc.(by article)
Publication Article/Page Author Date/Issue
San Jose Mercury News Life on the Edge
A local story on Rick Lemberg.
Kathleen Donnelly Sep. 1, 1995
Living Section

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This page is part of the official archive copy of the pioneering but abandoned Sticking Point website on knife throwing.Copyright and details