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If you know of a resource that is not on this list, but should be, email the information in the format below to the webmaster... we greatly appreciate your input and contribution.

Web Sites
Site Name Webmaster/Contact URL Notes
Branton Knives Bobby Branton Branton Knives website Bobby is the current president of the American Knife Throwers Alliance (AKTA). This is his knife making business page plus the AKTA home site.
Knife Throwing and Throwing Knives Matthew J. Rapaport THROWER This is actually one of several subpages that Matthew has on many knife and other weapons. This site deals with more indepth topics and issues than does the "Sticking Point". He also runs a Thrower list. Check it out, this is good surfing. [ed.]
Harald Moeller: Master Knife Maker Harald Moeller HAROL MOELLER SITE Harald makes the infamous VIPER line of throwing knives among other quality custom edged pieces.
Knife World Contact : Mark ZaleskyEDITOR KNIFE WORLD Some of the books on the books page can be ordered here. I have been told by the editor that they will throw in the McEvoy "Tale of the Tomahawk" book FOR THE ASKING with an order for a throwing book.
Lee Fugatt
"Maker of Things"
email: TONKASILA and KNIVES Lee is the 98 and 99 1st place champion of the IKTA event. He has competed in the PKT events and runs his own event called the Hurlathon. Lee has contributed knives to this website for contests. I own 6 of his pieces, CHECK HIM OUT.
Scott Gracia
email: The Great Throwzini Scott has a new site just on line in 03/99. He has some nice features like a for sale/wanted area and is collecting a photo catalog of unusual throwers.
Single Action Shooters Societey See website GO TO WEBSITE A neat Cowboy Shooter's site that has some interest in knife throwing. They are currently linked to us.
A weapons page Alexander Pirchl GO TO WEBSITE Alexander is in Austria, runs this website and a weapons list. He found us and gave us a link.
Randall's German Shepherds, Adventure & Special Training Jeff Randall GO TO WEBSITE Jeff has a nice site on security. Jeff also found us, linked to us with a nicecomplimentary line.
Oakhill Authentic Period Clothing Dawn Kellog Oakhill Website Oakhill offers very authentic, well done, period clothing (1640-1800's) and are most helpfull in assembling correct dress.
Rocky Mountain Blade Collectors Rocky Mountain Blade Collectors Website Nice club with some blade opportunites for the collecting crowd.
101 percent web site 101 percent web site A great site for cataloging resources for many topics and KNIFE THROWING is one of them.
The Knife Thrower's Page John Bailey
(contact) A brand new web resource. John is putting it together right now but I'm sure all will benefit from his effort.
Custom Knifemaking - Gail Ford Gail A nice site on knifemaking.
Christian Thiel
(mail him) A site that has, among other things related to knife throwing, step-by-step throwing instructions and some knife tests.
The Great Throwdini
David Adomovich David is a true performer of knife throwing. He also has authored many great materials on throwing.

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This page is part of the official archive copy of the pioneering but abandoned Sticking Point website on knife throwing.Copyright and details