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The Stance (right handers)

This style of throwing is done with a step into the throw. The throw is executed from a modified standing position (Fig. 1). The rear foot may move forward to the position of the forward foot as the follow-through of the throw is completed.

Left handers replace occurances of (right) with (left) and Vice Versa and these guidelines will hold true for you.

Sport Style Stance GIF 1. Foot placement - The right foot toe is placed on the distance mark. The left foot is a comfortable distance behind the right foot, 2 to 3 feet, and nearly online with the forward foot and target, but slightly to the left of the right foot.

2. The knees should be flexed somewhat to provide ease of shifting the body weight forward during the throw.

3. The knife is held in the right hand in front of the thrower at about chest level. The left hand is steadying the throwing hand. The elbows should not be resting on the stomach or sides but rather out in front of the throwers body and spaced less than shoulders width apart.

4. The aim is most generally that of picking a spot on the target and bringing the hands and knife to the position where your eye(s), the knife and the aiming spot are all on line. This is the position the thrower brings to bear for concentration, consistant repetition and familiarization to execute the throw.

The Start (right handers)
Pro Style Stance GIF 1. The step start is begun by stepping forward with the left foot (Fig. 2.) while drawing back the right throwing arm to the "cocked" position (Fig. 3.). The left arm should maintain a point to the target.

The Windup (right handers)

The remaining steps of the Sport style of throwing is the same as figures 2 through 8 for the Professional style of throwing

1. The windup is started by bringing the right throwing hand back towards and alongside the head (Fig. 4).

2. The body rocks back slightly while the left arm is extended towards the target aiming point. The throwing arm continues backward motion to the "cocked" posistion (Fig. 5).

The Throw (right handers)
3. The lunge is started by beginning forward motion of the right throwing arm. At the same time the left arm begins to swing backwards and the body shifts forward (Fig. 6).

4. The release is performed as the right throwing arm is in full forward motion and at the apex of the right arm's movement. At this time the body weight has shifted to the left foot, the right foot has left the ground slightly, and the left arm has swung behind the throwers body (Fig. 7).

The Follow Through (right handers)
5. The follow-through is completed by the smooth continued movement of the right throwing hand coming to stop as if reaching for the ground (Fig. 8.), the left arm continuing rearward motion to counter balance the forward lean (Fig. 9.) and the right foot coming to rest near the left forward foot to regain balance (Fig. 9 and 10).

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This page is part of the official archive copy of the pioneering but abandoned Sticking Point website on knife throwing.Copyright and details