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The Sticking Point Events Page - The new 99 AKTA format

This new format for the competition is presented. The format is designed to increase the number of competitive events, increase the strategy of competition, and move more towards a true national level, well rounded competitive event.

The competition will consist of the following events:

1) One turn accuracy knife throw - standard AKTA regs/standard targets, 12 ft.. minimum distance.
2) Two turn accuracy knife throw - new AKTA regs/standard target, 18 ft. minimum distance (verified 9jan99).
3) One turn accuracy hawk throw - standard AKTA regs/standard targets, 14 ft. minimum distance.
4) Distance knife throw - new AKTA regs/new target-4 inch bullseye only on standard log round, 25 ft. or current record minimum distance.

You do not have to compete in all events to be considered for a single event certificate, you do have to compete in all events to be considered for the all-round trophy.

There will be 40 throws each for the accuracy events for a total of 360 possible points. A first and second place trophy is generally awarded for the highest total aggragate scores of the three accuracy events. There is usually certificates awarded for first, second and third in the single events and the knife distance event. The knife distance event is a separately conducted event with an award going only to the record breaker, if any, with the longest qualifying distance throw.
The accuracy events are held on an eight target set. This set consists of two frames of four tagets set in close proximity of each other. Each thrower will throw four knives/hawks at the first frame of four targets and then get scored and immediately move to the second frame of four targets to throw four more knives/hawks. Multilple knives/hawks may be thrown before scoring and retrieval. This will provide a more consistent environment for throwing rhythm and less waiting between sets.

The knife distance event is a record setting event as opposed to a place type event. The longest current successful throw will always be first place and the second longest throw really has no relevance other than "bin dare, dun dat". The knife distance event will consist of five throws. Warm ups and practice is allowed but will be limited. The starting minimum distance will be 25 ft. or the current distance record whichever is longest. A new target format for the distance event will be used. It consists of a 4 inch diameter bullseye on a standard AKTA sized target. Only sticks in the bullseye count for the distance event. If a successful qualifying throw is recorded, the minimum distance becomes the distance of the current qualified record. You may pass your remaining throws to the next round if you set a new distance record. You cannot pass to the next round if you do not set a new record.

For example, during the first round the first three throwers fail to stick at 25 ft. with their 5 throws, (they are now officially out) you get a stick at 27 ft. on your 3rd throw. You decide to pass your remaining 2 throws to the next round. The remaining throwers must now throw from a minimum distance of 27 ft. All but the last thrower fail to successfully stick from 27 ft. but the last thrower nails his fourth throw from 30 ft. The last thrower elects to pass his last throw to the next round. Now there is only you and the last thrower left and it is your turn. You have 2 throws left but must now throw from 30 ft. or more. You throw at 33 ft. and get a stick. You then move to 38 ft. and get another stick with throw #5 (you da man now). The last thrower now has to throw from 38 or more feet for his last throw. He winds up and nails a perfect bullseye from 43 ft. The last thrower takes the honor of setting a new distance record, gets the certificate and has bragging rights for a year. You get to try again the next year but the new minimum distance will be 43 ft., and so the distance record goes.

Usually there will be other exhibition events: spear throwing, atlatl throwing and possibly primitive archery. Do not hesitate to bring anything of these type of activities.

Registration is usually around $50.00 and T-shirts are generally $15.00. I hope to see all of you and a large crowd this year.

-Tim Valentine, webmaster

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Last updated 08/23/2000
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This page is part of the official archive copy of the pioneering but abandoned Sticking Point website on knife throwing.Copyright and details