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Tim Valentine Contemporary American Knife and Tomahawk Tournament Throwing: The Culture, the Environment, the People, and the Game Self Published - 2002
US Customers
$17.50 US

Foreign Customers
$22.50 US

includes shipping and sales tax
Table of Contents

Safety Disclaimer ix
Observe The Law ix
Publication Content x
Content Organization x
Correctness of Information xi

Chapter One: Introduction 1
Short History of the Sport 2
Current State of the Sport 2
Subject Matter Experts 4
David R. Adamovich 4
Chuck Fogarty 4
John Bailey 5
Bobby Branton 5
Larry Czekaj 6
Scott Gracia 6
Mike Kolisch 7
Rick Lemberg 8
Author - Tim Valentine 9
Mark Zalesky 9
Chapter Two: The World of Tournament Knife and Tomahawk Throwing 11
Hobby Throwing for Fun 11
Tournament Throwing for Competition 12
A Familiar First-time Situation 12
The Reality of Competition 14
The Participants and Culture of Tournament Throwing 16
Chapter Three: The Basics of Throwing The Knife and Tomahawk 19
Throwing Knives 19
Choosing a Throwing Knife for Competition 19
The Basics of Throwing a Knife 22
Knife Throwing Method Variations 24
Throwing Tomahawks 25
Choosing a Throwing Tomahawk for Competition 27
The Basics of Throwing a Tomahawk 29
Tomahawk Throwing Method Variations 31
The Basics of Throwing 32
The Grip 33
The Stance 34
The Windup 35
The Throw 36
The Follow Through 37
Chapter Four: Targets for Practice and Competition 39
Standard Competition Targets 40
Standardized American Knife Thrower Alliance/Pacific Knife Throwers Target 40
Standardized International Knife Throwers Alliance Target 40
Standardized Rendezvous/Re-enactment Target 41
Standardized Society for Creative Anachronism Target 41
Modular Target Design 42
Chapter Five: Starting a Local Throwing Organization 47
Organizational Guidelines or "The rules, man" 47
Kick-starting The Club 49
Promote, Promote, Promote 49
Facilities, Resources, Information 49
Conducting the Regular Meeting 50

Chapter Six: Hosting a Competitive Throwing Event 51
Organizing a Competition 51
Competition Safety 51
Competition Awards 52
Promoting a Competition 54
Chapter Seven: Expertise, Advice, Comments and Notes on Competitive Throwing 57
On Age 57
On Getting Started 57
On Throwing/Accuracy Improvement 57
On Safety 58
On Competitions 58
On Backyard/Hobby Throwing 59
On The 'Zen' of Throwing 59
On Social Content 59

Chapter Eight: Humorous Stuff 61
Cartoons 61

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This page is part of the official archive copy of the pioneering but abandoned Sticking Point website on knife throwing.Copyright and details